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Committee Assignments

Stacy is the Chair of the:

Housing and Human Needs Committee

Conducts a comprehensive review of city, state and federal housing laws; provides a cost-benefit analysis of housing enforcement programs and agencies; examines infrastructure projects affecting housing quality in the City’s 72 neighborhoods; and investigates complaints from citizens relative to housing law violations and recommends Council action.

Public Works Committee

Provides oversight of major and minor street projects, and coordination of projects between the Department of Public Works and the Sewerage and Water Board.

Stacy is a Member of the:

Budget, Audit, and Board of Review Committee

Reviews monthly revenues/expenditures status report from Chief Administrative Officer, and proposed ordinances, motions and resolutions having fiscal impact; provides oversight of budgets of particular concern, such as New Orleans Police Department; and reviews the City’s proposed involvement in economic development projects for fiscal impact.

Obtains annual audit and single audit of federal and state funds; oversight of administration response to Management Letter Findings; monitoring of subrecipients of federal funds; and administration of Board of Review process.

Landrieu Administration revenue and expenditure reports provided to the City Council Budget Committee on a monthly basis:

Cable, Telecommunications and Technology Committee

Reviews and sets policy concerning the granting and oversight of cable and telecommunications franchises in New Orleans; and oversees the Council’s involvement in Access Television, including Government Access and Community Access through the New Orleans Media Center.

Criminal Justice Committee

Coordinates the systemic reform of all components of the criminal justice system and long-term reform efforts aimed at the social, economic and educational contributors to criminal behavior. Receives regular reports from heads of criminal justice agencies and makes recommendations to the City Council Budget Committee regarding funding criminal justice reform efforts.

Election Code and Reapportionment Committee

Recommends, in ordinance form, the wards and precincts which will comprise each of the five Council districts to meet the Home Rule Charter requirements, which occurs after each ten-year census collection.

Utility Committee

Oversees the Council’s regulatory authority over Entergy New Orleans, Inc. and Entergy Louisiana, Inc.; and makes recommendations to the full Council concerning electric and gas utility rates and services.

Stacy is an Alternate on the:

Economic Development and Special Projects Committee

Reviews proposed involvement of the City in economic development projects, including the economic justification of the proposed involvement, the adequacy of the recommended open access plan, and the relative benefits and risks of the City and the developer; and monitors developments now in progress in which the City has an interest.

Transportation Committee

Reviews ordinances governing ground transportation and parking issues, including the requirements and rates of “for hire” vehicles; reviews regulations regarding parking, speed limits and use of all public streets; reviews appeals on the denial or revocation of the Certificate of Public Necessity and Convenience (CPNC), and the denial or revocation of a driver’s permit to operate a CPNC vehicle; and make recommendations on these issues to the Council prior to consideration, based on Committee review.


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